A New Family Court, New Court Orders, and a New Family Law App which explains it all...

On 22nd April 2014, Family Law changed. We've changed too!

We've introduced a new Family Law App which takes account of those changes (click on the image to the right to open this web based app).

The app includes more than 100 linked guides on a wide range of family law matters, explains the court process, and
provides you with forms, templates and more. More content, more questions answered, but a more streamlined and easy to use format.

Case law libraries are currently being uploaded, and within the fortnight the inbuilt legal dictionary and search functions will be operational. Downloadable resource packs are being upgraded over the coming week. Please bear with us, and report any broken links to admin@thecustodyminefield.com. Thanks for your patience!

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Kindle Case Law Packs -
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