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Final Welfare Hearing

At the final welfare hearing, the court will make final orders having considered the parties' evidence and any other evidence which the court has called for.

Where facts concerning the case are in dispute, the court may combine a finding of fact hearing with a final hearing (e.g. make a decision immediately following the finding of fact hearing) or may list the Finding of Fact Hearing separately with the Final Welfare Hearing to follow.

Where facts are not in dispute but the parties are unable to agree arrangements, the court will hear each party's argument and make a decision.

Parties will present an opening submission, their evidence in support of their arguments, and then a closing submission. A submission in this context is orally stating what has led to proceedings, and why the party believes their argument and their wishes should be accepted by the court.

The evidence to be heard, timetable, decisions on witnesses etc will have been agreed at the Dispute Resolution Appointment.

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