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Early Years´ Education / Pre‐School

Do I have a right to receive information?

The Statutory Framework for the Early Years Foundation Stage Clarification Note sets out the child care providers´ duty to work in partnership with parents. The Early Years Statutory Framework was updated in September 2014.

Paragraph 1.10 states:

" Providers must inform parents and/or carers of the name of the key person, and explain their role, when a child starts attending a setting. The key person must help ensure that every child´s learning and care is tailored to meet their individual needs. The key person must seek to engage and support parents and/or carers in guiding their child´s development at home."

The EYFS guide for Parents states:

You should be able to get information about your child´s development at any time and there are two stages (at age 2, and again at age 5) when the professionals caring for your child must give you written information about how he or she is doing.

When contacting the Early Years Education Provider for the first time, you are welcome to use one of our template letters if you are not sure what to write. Our templates are in an MSWord format.

Download Template

What do I do if the standards are not followed?

The childcare provider has a duty to investigate your complaint. You have several routes of complaint that you can pursue if the playgroup won´t address your concerns.

You could raise a complaint with Ofsted Early Years that the childcare provider is in breach of the National Standards.

If Ofsted won´t pursue your complaint, or suggest it´s a contractual matter between parents and the playgroup, contact your Member of Parliament and have them challenge Ofsted´s interpretation of the National Standards (which make no distinction between either parent other than a need to have Parental Responsibility for the children).

Contact the education department of the Local Authority under which your child is living to find out if the childcare provider is local authority maintained or private. If they are local authority maintained, you can ask the local authority to provide you with a copy of your child´s educational record.


Do I have a right to be involved in my children´s schooling?

Yes. Under education legislation any adult with parental responsibility has the following rights to involvement in their children´s schooling:

We have a template letter to assist you in gaining involvement in your child´s education and schooling:

Download Template

What are the school´s responsibilities to parents?

The school has a responsibility:

For parents in England, you may find the Government´s 2016 guide for schools helpful, which sets out the school´s duties in relation to parental responsibility and liaison with parents:

Download Government´s Guide for Schools (England)

For parents in Wales, refer to NAFWC 12/2007 - "Parents" and "Parental Responsibility": Guidance for schools:

Download Government´s Guide for Schools (Wales)

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